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First step is classical. You can create an account on Zanata using an OpenID login (such as Google or Fedora), or by creating a password specific to Zanata. You can set or change your password and add OpenID accounts to your Zanata account at any time.

After signing up with Zanata, you will need to activate the account before being able to perform any tasks.

Before to participate in the document translation process, you must join a language team or join a project team without having to join the global Language Team. The easiest way is to join the Logfly project. Do not forget to contact us with your username. We must validate your registration.

You select Logfly Project with Explore function.

Direct project url is :

The project page loading is very long.


  1. Log in as a user. Make sure you have joined at least one language team.
  2. Click the Projects menu option in the top menu.
  3. Click the project you wish to translate from the list.
  4. In the project page, pick the version you wish to translate.
  5. In the version page, open up the language page (default page) and select a language.
  6. Click the document name to open up the editor.

Filtering the view

If only some of the translations are in 'translated' state, such as if the document is only partially translated or has already been through an initial review, it may be helpful to filter the view so that only 'translated' strings are shown. This is done by checking Translated state in the Complete category near the top of the editor.

Note: When showing only Translated strings, any strings that you accept or reject will stop being shown when you move to the next page of the document. If this does not suit your workflow, you can can also show Rejected and Approved strings to make sure reviewed strings remain visible.

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