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I have a Flymaster SD GPS. When I select it to import a track nothing happens. I just have a “Close” button that appears in the small window

When we look at the logfly.log file that records all the incidents, we have something like

 com.serialpundit.core.SerialComException: C:\Users\toto\AppData\Local\Temp\sp_tuartx1\spcomwinx64.dll: Can't find dependent libraries

To display the flights list, Logfly use a special fucntion called serialpundit. On the developer's site, users have reported this kind of problem. The spcomwinx64.dll dll needs some dependencies that are not always implemented during the installation of Windows. These dependencies are installed with a Microsoft package: Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio It is regularly updated by Microsoft. So there are many versions (practically one per year) that can coexist. For the proper functioning of SerialPundit, it is necessary to have the 2013 version.

This 2013 version is available on the Microsoft website. You can upload it on our site : 64 bits version.

Run installation with a clic on vcredist_x64.exe

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