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To feed the logbook, you will have to import GPS tracks or fill in a manual form for a flight without GPS track.

flowchart TD
    A(Import) -->|fa:fa-mobile GPS| B[Menu<br />Gps Import]
    A(Import)  -->|fa:fa-desktop Files| C[Menu<br />Disk Import]
    A(Import)  -->|fa:fa-pencil No track| D[Menu<br />Without track]
    B --> E[Serial<br />connection]
    B --> F[Usb<br />connection]
    C --> G[IGC]
    C --> H[GPX]
    E -->I[Flymaster<br />Flytec]
    F-->J[Syride USB<br/>XCTracer<br/>Skytraax<br/>Oudie<br/>CPilot<br/>Element<br/>Connect<br/>Reversale<br/>...]