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Logfly is a log book which stores your flights with GPS tracks or not. You can visualize your flights and evaluate the score for online contest. LogFly is developed for Windows and MacOS.

With Logfly's intuitive interface and automatic log entry assistance, logging your flights is fast and easy.

  • direct track import from Flytec or Braüniger GPS
  • direct track import from Reversale GPS
  • direct track import from Skytraxx GPS
  • direct track import from Flynet GPS
  • track import from disk, USB key or SD card
  • Automatic determination of the launch site
  • accurate flight statistics for the year, monthes, …
  • Evaluation of tracks for online contests like Swiss League, XC Contest, etc…
  • tracks can be displayed on Google Maps or Google Earth with a flight replay
  • thermal and transition analyze

Just download Logfly and try it yourself

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